1Billion META Token Allocation Transparency (Build With Meta Program)


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Hello guys, I am the co-founder of Vorz and we've allocated 1Billion of our crypto token called "META" to all of our ambassadors who will promote our first peoject. The project consisted of a social network ready app for community building with its own NFT Marketplace feature soon, the Vorz App by Metavorz.


The value of the META token may not be so high right now because it was still on its infant stage foundry but as long as the utility kicks in it can possibly go $1 each which means the allocated funds might be speculated to be worth $1Billion soon if we all as builders can really make an effort to promote it globally. The ambassadors fund will be automatically contracted with the power of automation and transparency using the blockchain technology of smart contracts that will be readily released on July 2022 for spending and distribution to all active ambassadors only.

Builderships start here!
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