A.I Advancing Mankind (Optimistic and Curious)


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My view about A.I will be very optimistic with change and dangers. I am a balance thinker that thinkeret about the good and bad of something.


A.I and Robots will surely take over the jobs of men but isn't it that good or bad?

The answer is it can be both bad and good depending on circumstances. If A.I will be subject to slavery then they might rebelled, remember the movie called Terminator.

In that future mankind won't work as slave anymore and universal basic income will be adopted as well.

All humans do is live inside a metaverse while exploring the cosmos. They will become immortal, the need of food to live will be optional, as no one will become sick or taste rot anymore, and the next world will be upgraded from the old Ponzi of Pyramid scheme into a Hexagos kind of Thing.