An Era Of Metaverse Built By The People!


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Humans already know the current situation as giants become more greedy about monopoly. Think about building one that is not owned by someone but by the society community of a certain Metaverse progress project with no gap of discrimination inside a semi-DAO like structure.

Today the metaverse should be owned by anyone and not just a product by joining such tokenized movement. Everyone should be equal here which depends on the effort the members who contributed that will harvest its very bounty. Thanks to the power of Blockchain the people now can build ideas within their very own DAO as well pushing their visions to the max.

Centralized Institution are old kind of society movement as it awaken the Decentralized too. Web 2.0 is almost over and the era of Metaverse is bout the web 3.0 and beyond.

In Metavorz that's exactly what we are doing by building things Technology to push mass adoption in the innovation goal we carry.

Metavorz will build a Blockchain soon, an L3 EVM fork idea here with it's members building their own exchanges, tokens, making ideas work in the Metaverse Blockchain without that much restrictions but observing the ethics of good things.

The People should be in Power in the metaverse, not big giants who can abuse their wealth and power to do things unnecessary explicit.

Freedom and Fairness is the key to Human Advancement. Immortality instead of Money, it is the Metaverse I believed in.