Assembling the Vorz 144,000 Denisovan Angels (With NFTs Incentive)


Staff member
Special Note:
* This is a volunteer position (non-paid) .
* Everyone can join with no discrimination!
* Please observe regulatory notes if your country restrict cryptocurrencies or so.


The 144,000 Vorz Denisovan Angel
(Volunteer Remote)

The Vorz will be needing everyones help to continue growing into building the People's Metaverse. The Vorz early birds who shows their support should be considering to become a Vorz Angel.

Any willing volunteers are welcome here!

What does Vorz Angel do?

An Angel will be the backbone of the VORZ ARMY guiding the people about the People's Metaverse push acting as the Gateway To Metaverse to build a better World and Society.

You can Help by:

1. Guiding newbies to understand the use-case of VORZ Token and its project by answering every question you come up across the social medias.

2. Helping out in organizing meet-ups and event digitally or physically such as AMAs and meeting plans.

3. Help the Vorz Community by providing knowledge to the mass in virtual and physical movement.

4. Give feedback in our forum for the main core team to improve the project route and roadmap plan.

5. Spread the word and preach about the Vorz via vlogging or anything that can reach the people.

6. Providing knowledge, tools, skills, talent to help Vorz develop in faster pace.

Benefits Of An Angel?
1. Suggestion will be easily heard by the Team to make it happen in time.

2. Special access to any of the Vorz event in-app premium contents.

3. Meet-ups with the Vorz seasoned Team & more.

4. Limited edition 144,000 Denisovan NFTs made only for Vorrz Angels.

5. Events invite as VIP privileged as speaker or organizer.

6. Marked by the Beast of Metaverse.


Cryptocurrency Enthusiast, Vorz Supporters.


Vorz is the blockchain company behind one of the emerging startups project Vorz in the Far East. An idea to accelerate the cryptocurrency mass adoption while building a Hexagon World upgrading the Pyramid System.

If someone wants to change the world then the People's Metaverse will be that portal to assemble the People allowing them to build the other kind of Tower existence in the Metaverse.

What is a Vorz Angel?

The Vorz Angels are people who are from different region of the world that supports the movement of the Vorz Project. Passionate volunteers around the globe who are willing to give their time and effort to support the Hexagon push in anyway possible. It consist of shillers, promoters, and preachers of the Vorz Evosystem. Helpers of our community to enlighten the mass about A New Era Of Metaverse Built By The People the Hexagon Age Builders. With different Languages and Skin Colors they are united for one mass doctrination of building the Metaverse as co-founders and not just products.

Vorz aimed to build a big community while aseembling the loyal 144,000 Denisovan faith believers to establish a new innovative way and approach to push advancement of mankind's New Age of Dawn World.

If you love to help expand Vorz as an Angel then please fill write about yourself a bit in the comment below and fill up the application above soon.