Avoid Fake PinkSale Links and Fake Admin Support Scammer!


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Today I want to educate the people about crypto investment to avoid being rugged always. We know how harsh is crypto that can also make anyone instant rich.

1. The random Pinksale link
Screenshot_20220427-232936527 (1).jpg

The link above is an example of fake pinksale link. Notice the "www pinksale finance launchpad site". It is fake and will steal.your funds if you try to initiate a call function in the chain.

2. The Fake PinkSale Mod Support DM

This is just any other telegram scam artist that will pretend as admin or mod to trick you to giving them your wallet credentials. Always block em.

3. The Fake PinkSale Presale Link Again!
I encountered those accounts in our main telegram in Vorz Official. New token launch such as VORZ are being targetted by those.

a) Check account if it is a channel please kick em immediately!

b) Or even with a normal account that impersonated the exact text and link text of ponksale. It looks the same but when you clicked that link it will be obvious and different.

Please, always take care in the crypto world!