Connecting People in the Multichain with VORZ (The Problem & a Solution)

We can see that most social app doesn't have any integration to cryptocurrency direct tokenized concept but mostly are using NFTs to join the wave such as twitter, reddit, instagram, and so on with their profile picture show off. Soon Mark Zuckerberg's Meta will build its own currency and NFTs Marketplace but before that happened the people will also try to build that with Vorz.


(Image: Vorz App NFT Event)

Chingari of India somehow did made their tokenized TikTok back in October 2021 but Vorz app idea is way back on early 2020 when TikTok got banned in India. And finally in January 2021 the tokenized tiktok of Vorz was born then in August 2021 the project begun to move until today.

As I said before 1B+ people used social media yet 300M only used cryptocurrency. Gamefi is good but not everyone can play games daily to understand how crypto works. The problem is slow mass adoption that stifle innovation so here it is the socialfi of Vorz App owned by the people as co-founders on its VORZ DAO foundry.

GARI's mainnet token is scaling in Solana only but VORZ is scaling in the Multichain. I think this is the best method to start a multiple chain idea to build that road of access for everyone to join vorz app soon.

The question is how do we sync all of the value and circulating supply?

We preapred a solution for that:
1. Arbitrage bots
2. Bridge
3. Oracle Proposal

Q. When will this happen?
A. In around Q3-Q4 of 2022 with mainnet release.

Q. When is the iOS and web?
A. Q3-Q4 2022 again.

Q. Can it be done?
A. With partnerships and Angel we can do this. Polygon Edge funding and development will be the goal. Funding in Callisto is another one for our CLO/VORZ pair. While the VCs can look at us when we can reach the right amount of traction in download for vorz app with its active users.