Cryptocurrency 101 Guide for Dummies


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Crypto 101 for Newbies entering the #cryptocurrency space, this will be the basic guide for your curiosity.

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Watch & Learn
1. Do the visual way by watching crypto guide on any tube sites such as YouTube, TikTok, Vorz, MContent, try searching question by googling them up too with Quora or subreddit. Watch Documentary such as "#Bitcoin : The End Of Money As We Know It" or read ebooks if you're not that busy on your free time.

Instinctive Analysis
2. Don't invest out of wims and always #DYOR first before anything else. Don't be #FOMO hyped faster than the dump. #HODL is the key mostly but having a cutloss plan is also essential. Read the market Fundamentally and Technically, try to believe in your instinct as well. Always Be calm and don't panic in the #BEAR market. Wait for the #BULL patiently and get your profit while reinvesting again.

Be Careful
3. Lastly don't invest on what they call themselves trader cause most are scams or will lose your hard earned money. Avoid fake urls aka phishing sites telling you that you won or claiming to be some customer support or admin from a project chat on random DM from strangers offering crypto investment at most since 95% are mostly scams.

That's the basic of Crypto. Preaching is Caring.šŸ’Ŗ