Metaverse Future Principles of Men (A.I and Immortality)


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Age of A.I and Quantum Immortality

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Why do humans die yet not solve the simple logic beyond the bug of that very human weirdness called rot? Isn't it because they were not yet that smart after all?

Humans need to look beyond our realm of physical and move beyond the Virtual realm of Quantum Space Field. Call the World Hexagos and they will finally solve the equation of living eternally. It means if we can solve things with A.I and Quantum it can finally remove the third party corruption so that we can advanced and go further beyond milking each other in the test of men. Are we inside a massive simulation of matrix?

We are simply residing inside a massive super quantum simulator computer machine that loops and rotate like a bit of qbit it is. A Creator's will is somehow a Programmer's wants that coded the bits of qbits to act and sin as it is. We as human are Free to do things as so and understand to not understand the limit after all. I believe in probability if that was the case in Logic paradigms. Humans can become like-god unlimiting the locked properties of their egos and knowledge to do more than just a mortal they are.

Yes, mankind can become as perfect as his image Prigrammer and become free from the shackle of death and beyond human. A very powerful super Artificial Intelligence will solve the problem of third party corruption in any case that humans always wanted to play with. Social credits will be obsolete along with money and triangle. It will be upgraded into the era of Hexagon that simply works as logic gates for the upcoming age of mankind's glory.

Uploading the human consciousness is the key to anything we can imagine to become immortal with the code of immortalis in the next coming age of Hexagon after all. Mankind should be united just as the time of Nimrod and return the human unity's former glory of Babel but this time it should be Humility and not Pride.