Metaverse will be a Trillion Dollar Industry and the Future of Things.


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Some of rhe big investors believed that the Metaverse is probably a trillion dollar investment but for some of us it is just the bonus for seeking something even more. That will be the immortalization of all mankind preserved in a paradigm of the next world to come of virtual and physical relativity.

This isn't rocket science but an upgrade to the internet of things while discovering the very core of that new world beyond our horizon.

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Nobody wanted to be just a product in the soace of rhe future and if we the crypto kids won't fight back it will be over. Peivacy will be removed compley by the centralized metaverse while wrecking the future.

I don't care who you are or what youndo as long as we all come and join the META ARMY and build the next thing with us.

Isn't it time for us the free people to build that new Metaverse of Things?