Metavorz Raising Multichain Metaverse Funding


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Back in November we've failed to raise the softcap of the project Metavorz but still continued in Polygon. We've raised around organic 44k MATIC or less at the price of $1.5 each MATIC that time with an estimation of $65k-$70k.

Instead of pouring them into the Liquidity for easy Coinmarketcap, we've spent them on the development of the SeDApp Vorz to push its long-term goal instead of short-term hype. Vorz today had 1000+ users and still growing to compete with the giants.

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The funds are all spent on the project Vorz which is available in Playstore right now but still need more funding to push it! We can't just give up yet because of the excuse of lack in findings. And hoped that the other Chain such as BNBChain will be bring as more opportunities to market Metavorz.

Download Vorz Here

Vorz is a web social app that let users earn and utiliize META token while engaging and having fun in-app as tokenized rewards and so on.

The target to launch the fully working Vorz and Meta use-case such as the meta launchpad, metaswap, metatron, ophir will consume $1M to be fully operational and the minimum funding needs to be at around $500k.

Today we will be raising funds in the BNBChain using Trustpad or any other launchpad. Slowly but surely we will also raise on other platforms to expand the market of Metavorz.