Price Prediction for MATIC


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I believed that MATIC Polygon is one of the best chain in the EVM. The reason I rated the chance at higher than 50% because of its potential and very low gas fee to programmable blockchain perks for devs scaling in the Polygon Network.


Now let's see the price prediction.. $100?

It could've be $10 in the entry of 2022 or more but the very reason it will go to $100 anytime soon is because of user accumulation and the mainstream boom.


1. Metavorz - The success of this project is the success of Polygon MATIC. We know that the META token resides in the Polygon chain right.

Metavorz is the Gateway To Metaverse in which is a very big ecocsystem if seen outside the box. It's first semi-DApp is called Vorz, a social network with its own NFT marketplace in Q1 2022.

So how does this affect the MATIC Polygon Network?

Most of the project devs are from the Philippines and we know that the Filipino peope are hooked into social media apps.

Vorz in the other hand is a social media app but crypto-powered with NFTs and more. This will allow users to become a co-founding part of the community of web 3.0.

The app does look like a tiktok where 20M+ Filipinos used that app. Imagine having them ride the Vorz along with the Polygon.


2. Opera Browser - The scaling of Opera (PC) and its Opera Mini (Mobile) will be huge as it already had this 80M+ users onboard ready to use the Polygon L2.

We've already know that the integration of Polygon will boost MATIC by the year 2022 and that alone is our key point to that prediction.

But how will it affect MATIC?

The users alone will be a big addition for the Polygon Matic chain hodlers allowing ti to grow exponentially in the coming year.

By just using the browser you can also create wallet addresses just like that Brave browser in my logic opinion. Where users can earn it Opera Token or whatever the token was called soon.

Ir will be the turning point of Polygon Matic for the coming crypto bullish!

I can presict a $100 next year or in early 2023. That's how I can see the future.šŸš€
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