Quantum Immortality will solve Human Chaos and Poverty


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An Equation to Solve the Misery of Mankind is about my theory to offer Immortality to mankind by digital and physical approach.

To solve the problem of poverty and chaos we need to know the root of it, and the very main reason humans do it.

Even the likes of Elon or Jeff can't solve it with those billions of dollars because money is temporary unlike the solution I will share to the whole world to see.

Do you know why people steal or kill?

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Schrodinger's cat tells us about the duality of nature itself in a cat form to understand how life works with either 1s and 0s outcome of future probabilities from the many.

Reason People Die
1. Murdered
2. Sickness
3. Accident
4. Hunger
5. Suicide
6. Old Age

These are just the numbers out of the many more reason why people die.

If humans followed the path of survival then we can set it to transhumanism. Being a cyborg maybe or uploaded inside a new mechanical or clone is an idea.

What if People aren't dying anymore?
Aren't they becoming bored of not dying?

The Answer is we can finally explore the vast universe if we don't just die and stop being selfish and greedy of each other!

Reason People Kills
1. Jealousy
2. Greed
3. Dire Needs
4. Anger
5. Victim of Power Player (Hired Killer)
6. Poverty

Corruption in the highest of of Pyramid let's society suffer by making them poorer.

Reason people take the risk just to survive.
a. Bad rich people can hire anyone who is poor to commit a crime for them.
b. People who are hungry will surely do evil just to survive too reason they kill and steal.
c. Corrupt people are greedy and selfish who stays on power that can do evil for his competition.

If humans become immortal then there will be no reason to kill each other because we don't need to be stress and survive anymore. We can just explore the vast universe if bored too.

Humans are slaved to foods and needs to survive but if we can manage to remove the reliant on that source then we can survive by just being a human that is not being killed.

To do that we need to upgrade the system first by asking the formula of Nikola Tesla itself. Energy, Vibration, and Frequency is the 3, 6, 9 formula. The Pyramid powers this system of today and it needs an upgrade of Hexagon to move on an ready the Nonagon after us.

Staying inside an obsolete system will only let the many suffers from the oppression of Pyramid elitist in charge who are addicted to it. Hence Poverty and Chaos thrive for their own greed and selfishness to advance civilization beyond the horizon.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain is the Way
Back in 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a new kind of monetary system in which people can spend but can't cheat it.

Blockchain is a superb invention of codes for sure but soon it will be replaced by a lone sage to come that offers immortality to mankind for free if you believe on him.

The Quantum code is what we call the Fire and Blood that whoever deciphers that will join us not far from now.