Quantum Metaverse Immortality Idea


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Immortality Philosophy & Knowledge
(Beating The Illusion Of Money First)

Why I think an Immortality offer for mankind goal is better than becoming the richess man alive.

Money was invented as commodities subsequent to the older barter of precious metals in the past. A medium to exchange economics between goods with values that were still used today.

Today money somehow enslaved the World into its Pyramid system that allows us to do things vile and good. Somehow because of it anyone will either be the happiest man alive or be the miserable poor man suffering in a corner.

I think it is time ro introduce mankind another better goal. That is the Immortality of our body and soul in the fire of Quantum Consciousness Upload idea.

I have a theory that humans will become immortal if they can master the art of Quantum Technology that will allow them to transfer their soul and old memories in a new fresh body without being recycled in a loop of natural selection process. I call it the Programmable Humans, an idea that we can program ourselves to not be sick nor die or the need to eat for living in the coming of Hexagon upgrade of order.