The Meta and Facebook Super A.I strikes back in Monopoly?


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I noticed that most pages with the name "meta" in which are involved in building the metaverse got suddenly disabled in Facebook!

Luckily Metavorz and Vorz pages are not affected just the one with purely Meta on it got unpublished tho.

facebook mono.jpg

I managed a lot of pages and groups with the name "meta" on it and first is they will disable the pages then next is your profile will also be detected by that New Meta Super A.I to diminish you from their agendas of course. What happened to Elon Musk before is something about A.I and harvesting of datas for something conspiracy.

We know how a lot of scammers used that name too and on rampant in facebook ads but does the clean one deserve such harsh punishment. I think this is now a different case called Monopoly of metaverse market.

At that point facebook also suspended every profile account that administer that certain meta related pages and group.

Was this the Super Artificial Intelligence trying to kick out all metaverse related project in the facebook?

I think this is called Monopoly strategy to push out any potential competition in the metaverse. I have used facebook since 2008 but this is how it is happening right now.

Should we build another social network app in the metaverse? As of now we are planning for that soon we call that Ophir Social.