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The TikTok, The Vorz, & The Philippines Economy

Table Of Content
1. The Rise Of TikTok
2. The Vorz Venture
3. Helping The Philippines Economy

We all know that most social media users are from the Philippines and most also rely on other social apps. There are few pinoy social apps out there but didn't go maintstream at all. I made some social apps and website back then, PinoyAstig, Pinoyon, Deyers, YiePie, KetKot, Ophir Social, etc..

I started back in 2007 creating Chat Sites and Forum because leading and engaging with different kind of people seems fun and web technology is a passion. I enjoy learning on how to be a web master.

1. The Rise of TikTok
TikTok as we know it was loved by the Filipinos which had almost 40Million Filipino active users monthly. TikTok alone is at $50-$75Billion valuation according to a research. That's how strong and profitable is the China made app English version of Douyin. Indeed, TikTok helped the people earn and have fun posting funny cat videos while sharing emotions, but some take it as bait for its true nature and purpose.

As of today TikTok beats Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Google. Most people use TikTok as search engine than google too. TikTok beats FB as the most downloaded app and even Google as the most visited website back in 2021.

Ban of TikTok in India
Back in 2020 India Banned TikTok and over 200+ China apps over National Security Issues with a high-tension because of the Lodakh border conflict which leaves both with high casualty.

An Aha
That time I envisioned to build the first Philippines entertainment app YiePie & Deyers but failed. In 2021 me and some believers started to build a team of enthusiast that started the Vorz with crypto-powered rewards to insentivize its earning mechanism.

US Banning TikTok
Back in 2020 again, Donald Trump consider banning TikTok and most China apps because of the same problem but failed because of a Federal judge decision. Today FCC Brendar Carr want to ban TikTok as if the Federal want to ban TikTok this time.

I don't know anything here but this is also a chance for us to innovate with blockchain and web3 technology to build one of the first socialfi in the metaverse vorz.

The Problem with TikTok by FCC Brendan Carr
Citing the alarming report originating from BuzzFeed News, he called TikTok a "sophisticated surveillance tool that harvests extensive amounts of personal and sensitive data" that collects search and browsing histories, faceprints, voiceprints, and even keystroke patterns, as well as clipboard data.

My Opinion
I don't hate TikTok but seems everyone is wary with that problem called National Security, hacking, spying, sabotage, etc, and everyone tries to ban it. Reason to build another backup TikTok clone for the Philippines that won't adhere to spying on the people to prepare if a ban happens anytime soon in playstore and appstore. It should be co-owned by the People as well thanks to the power of Blockchain it is now possible with its TOKEN DAO concept.

2. The Vorz Venture
Back in 2020 we've started the first idea after the ban of TikTok in India but it didn't work here because it lacks the ban magic applied. It failed but rebooted again as Vorz back in 2021. Vorz is like TikTok whom people can interact and post short videos while earning with its tokenized rewards. Soon Vorz can push its Shop and VR technology along with an A.I algorithm to keep them inside.

Vorz Targets The Philippines Entertainment Industry.

Vorz will start as homegrown and expand globally to conquer the market in the Philippines first. The idea of Vorz is to become a TV station someday that give jobs to the many Filipinos worldwide.

3. Helping the Philippines Economy
First priority is to help our ailing economy so that everyone will have good jobs here and not let our talent goes abroad that let them stay there forever. One of my vision is to stop the slavery on foreign goods so that we can build a self-reliant and self-sufficient country in the Far East.

I think Vorz can contribute with our economy by attracting foreign investors without any interest rate. It will also produce jobs in the Philippines as well in abroad if it grows big enough. The project is still in pre-seed stage seeking shareholders and early birds. It will be fully legal when we hit the profitable stage.

I agree with the idea of supporting local industries first to push the SMEs and local manufacturers in the Philippines, may that be digital or in other sectors. Debt won't help us but funding our engineers and innovators to rebuild our economy will make a change. Reliant on US or China won't do either. The Philippines must carry its weight. Someday the country will be renamed to Ophir away from the slavery and crab mentality mind.

To support our Digital Philippines Push you can just download all of the Filipino built apps such as Kumu, Vorz, etc..

"We should build instead of complaining and support the current government instead of doing rally to make the country great!"

Download Vorz

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