The Vorz Project (Detailed Information)

Are you confused with the Vorz Project? This will answer most of your questions.

Vorz is the People's Metaverse from now on! It will be the same as before, a semi-decentralized project in the metaverse but will be focus on the Vorz app to muster the community of Vorz Army in able for it to build its own EVM L3 Blockchain and the Blockchain City someday!

Here are the Main Branches of Vorz Project.


Vorz Technologies Inc or Vorz Labs Technologies Inc.
The Centralized metaverse branch of Vorz to introduce our project in the centraland world headed by the shareholders and co-founders that will be leaded by the original founder & Chairman Technowiz Paul, the Board of Diectors, & lastly the appointed and new CEO with a co-founder status Mr. Gil Orense to push the project in with the VCs and more. This will be incorporated as a legal name company entity with the legal branch such as SEC etc, to make it more attractive to investors in the future. Headed by the co-founders including the original founder Paul Candelario and the rest of the Board of Directors.

TG Token Transpa.png

VORZ DAO in the other hand is connected to the Centralized Vorz as another branch of the foundation to push the decentralized metaverse that will be headed by the People with the guidance of the original founder Mr. Technowiz Paul Candelario. To build a Multichain tokenized governance & Utility VORZ token and its strategy push in the semi-decentralized vision. The goal here is to build a DAO and its own Blockchain Ecosystem. Note that all Multichain token here are renounced asap when all chain got established so no one can stop or interfere when token were traded with high value in the future.

The Project of Vorz


Vorz App
A TikTok like app with its own NFT Marketplace is the first project of the Vorz available on Playstore to muster all of the VORZ ARMY building the People's Metaverse!

The Vorz Project will be owned by the People in the Decentralized and owned by the co-founder & shareholders in the Centralized part. With this we can balance the gap of power from being abused in the Future. Without the Token & its own Blockchain it is nothing and without the shareholders and co-founders it will be hard to be accepted by the normal individual as legal.

The idea itself is semi-decentralized with a legal name while still being controlled by the people for its web3 and metaverse push that makes it more attractive to the people who are libertarian and at the same time financial seeker.