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I am always fascinated about decentralization because somehow it worked according to the first adopter Satoshi Nakamoto of Bitcoin and Ryoshi of Shiba Inu.

I am not a centralized fan of CEO and bosses concept either in a illicit activities of the decentralized one but here we go. The idea of the Vorz Research will bring back the freedom and elasticity of a project to move on. By combining both Decentralized and Centralized with the power of the People holding the half of it while the brain that works in the back maintain a good standing with the likes of SEC, and so on to make it sustainable and everlasting. Hybrid concept is likely the catch here to let the believerse and the company at the same time build an ecosystem to hastem the mass adoption of the Vorz Project.

The prerequisites will be listed below.

1. Loyal Vorz Enthusiast
2. Holder atleast of $VORZ token. Check how to bag yours here
3. Joined the Vorz App.
4. Active in Vorz Community.

In Vorz Research we will be adopting another type of decentralized concrete concept. A semi-decentralized one that is respecting the legal law of obedience at the half side and the decentralized art of DAO that is controlled by the people in the other side.

Vorz Research is about the semi-decentralised concept and make the idea work. Either voluntarily or paid it doesn't matter as long as you're part of the Vorz Community. It is about a central legal company called Vorz Labs Inc. & the VORZ DAO token wielded by the people building the project ecosystem starting with Vorz App at the same time for mass adopting innovation technology infrastructure in Blockchain Technology advancement.

1. We are here to build something immersive as the People's Metaverse to make something work. Some of you might lose money or gain but we are here to build and believe!

2. VORZ DAO Token will be renounced after the final integration of the $VORZ in Vorz App and other plans such as Oracle and Ever Bridge to sync all chain value and circulation supply.

3. Half of the project will be owned by the people through the token VORZ DAO. While half is owned by the co-founders in the legal side company to maintain the project in the good hand of potential investors in the centralized world.

4. VORZ DAO token holds the majority of Veto in able for the Vorz to move on with another project being built inside the ecosystem of Vorz. It means that the vote are heard as long as you are a General type ranking VORZ token bag holder.

The Project Of Vorz Research
I. Vorz Semi-DApp (SeDApp)
Available in Playstore already is the first MVP of Vorz Research project.

Download Vorz App

II. Vorz Swap (Semi-Dex AMM)
Soon to announce!

III. Vorz Others (Other Project Reveal Later On)

How Do We Join?
By contributing your skills, talent, and even resources to build a semi-decentralized concept we can all build something great!

Note: That as long as you are a bag holder then you're automatically part of the Vorz Research. Ranking is just mandatory for the Whales of VORZ to access higher kind of privileges in the coming project of VORZ DAO and Vorz Labs Inc.

Ranking: (Updating)
1. General - 1B+ VORZ
2. Colonel - 800M VORZ
3. Major - 700M VORZ
4. Captain - 600M VORZ
5. Lieutenant - 500M VORZ
6. Corporal - 400M VORZ
7. Private - 300M VORZ

I hope semi-decentralised works for us to build a better system tomorrow called the Axentralized of Hexagon Age and Era of Quantum, Blockchain, A I, and Metaverse! Check the Vorz Angels Program as well to see what fits your dedication.

Will be updating the thread from time to time, keep watching the forum!
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