VORZ Relaunch on Polygon (Last Sale)


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The Project

Back in November 2021 we've launched Metavorz (META) with a softcap of $200,000 to launch and fullscale its Vorz App on Android, iOS, Web, and even its NFT marketplace. Unfortunately it failed its pre-seed and only hit around $70,000 or so, reason the whole development got delayed but we didn't stop there and continue it until today.

Where did the $70k got spent?
Hired Dev = 45% (Vorz App Android)
Marketing & Spending = 35%
Liquidity = 25%

To continue its full scale development to its marketing and release of iOS, Web, & NFT marketplace we need to hit another milestone softcap!

What happened to its old META holders?
We've conducted a full check and distribution already via airdrop for the old META holders according to the last snapshot. All seems got their META and if not you can contact us on our official telegram @vorzofficial

The Rebrand
After that we've found a bug in the old smart contract that won't allow the token to be listed on any CEX and the inability to be used inside the vorz app itself. We deployed a brand new standard smart contract that fixed the bug. The new one can be used inside vorz app as utility now without any reflection or special features. The team also discussed about its future and name to not conflict with other META stock or token ticker projects, and thus the decision to drop META on its token and company name to be, hence the VORZ which is easily recognized when using its app and buying its token.

VORZ Token Polygon Infos
The 48% locked will be decided to be used inside VORZ DAO to rewards its members inside vorz app. 25% will be allocated to VORZ DAO and the rest will be burned. The 25% DAO funds will be either relocked again or gets Multisig by the DAO signers in the future for future release on vorz app rewards spending.

Other VORZ BNBChain & FTM Info
We've decided to burn the other locked 48% upon its release on FTM and BNBChain in September 1, 2022 because Polygon seems to be our MVP for the 25% DAO token. We've locked them on the other chains before to decide whether to add the 25% to those chain or not but only one can hold the 25% allocated supply.

The Relaunch
VORZ will be relaunching in Polygon to continue its last sale pre-seed to accumulate the remaining softcap of $130,000 to fully scale vorz working profitable businesses. The next move is full legal and hiring more people to join us.

Token Sale Details
Before we go to BOBA or Callisto it needs to settle its Polygon Relaunch first. The $VORZ Relaunch sale on Polygon is to finish its unfinished business hitting the softcap. The date for relaunch will be announced asap this month for us to add another fresh Liquidity as well. Around 5,000,000,000 / (5Billion) will be allocated in the Pre-seed and Liquidity. 3.5Billion for Pre-seed and 1.5Billion for Liquidity. No Team Token will be allocated here in Polygon because it was already added to BNBChain but we can always allocate the percentage of it here and burn the equivalent ratio in BNBChain. All devs should focused on development and building rather than money making. I say, Let the people make money!

Three Rounds of Pre-Seed will be done first for the first 15days in total 7+5+3 days and the Last round of Liquidity (100%) injected for one day. If we fail the softcap of $130,000 here then we can always continue on other chain such as BOBA and Callisto etc..