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Hello Vorz Community! The migration for VORZ V2 will commence next week or two, after finalizing the upgraded VORZ V2 contract to build better a incentives for its token utility. Migration will happen in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th weeks of this month.

Instead of sending the entire 50% to Vitalik Buterin as a burn offering to the EVM meister, we’ve decided to supplement the 30% in circulation supply with a provisional private sale to help us maintain the VORZ project’s servers, domains, and third party services running the ecosystem.

The team’s funds got depleted, but instead of running, we stayed and continued the project for teh people. Grants from Polygon Village will be our best shot, and while we wait, we will also push a back-up plan called supplementary provision funds from the VORZ token that will be allocated for circulation instead of being sent to VB.

December 7, 2022 (0 UTC)
The open private sale will commence while the migration is ongoing. A instruction for private sale will be posted in our community within the Discord and Telegram channels.

500M $VORZ will be supplemented for 110 MATIC until all of the supplementary tokens are filled. Next is to wait for the liquidity.

You will get 500M VORZ for providing 110 MATIC within the private phase. Anyone can join until December 31. The swap for the 110 MATIC=500M VORZ provision will be manual through a token address to send the MATIC when the contract is finalized.

60 x 110 MATIC = 6600 MATIC
No matter where we hit, half of it will still go to Liquidity with the other 40% grant funds from the Polygon Village that will be locked for a year or two.

Migration Plan:
All 10M Polygon VORZ V1 holders must send their tokens to the V1 VORZ Deployer address.

V1 VORZ Deployer address:


Note that those who did not send their V1 VORZ will have to send them to V1 Deployer address pinned above to trade again. They can still send until January 2023. If they didn’t send the v1 VORZ tokens they hold for migration, it will be vested for a year and can’t be traded until 2024. They can still claim it with a request for withdraw by providing their old VORZ V1 hold.

V2 VORZ Token Allocation:
30Billion = Supplement Private Sale / Funds for the Project Maintenance Server, Domain, other Services

15Billion = Vitalik Buterin Burn

5Billion = Team/Advisory

15Billion = DAO /VorzApp, VorzShop

15Billion = Migration

20Billion = LaunchSale/Liquidity

Private Provision Sale
(50% Liquidity)

30Billion VORZ
Send MATIC to the official private provisional sale address below:

Max buy = 440 MATIC
Min buy = 10 MATIC
End December 30, 2022

Launch Sale (100% Liquidity!)
December 31 (End in 7–14days)
110 MATIC = 385M VORZ

Listing Price
110 MATIC = 363M VORZ

How many Liquidity from Private Sale?
A. 50% of 6600 MATIC that’s 3300 MATIC locked for two years.

How many months for the global Liquidity lock?
A. Two years from private sale, launch sale, and grant allocation.

Is the LaunchSale Liquidity 100%?
A. Yes 100% for better liquidity price floor! Since we have a marketing wallet divisor installed in the contract already. So no need to take some percentage from the LaunchSale.

Thank you for believing in the project. I hope that we can build a web3 social platform for the metaverse built by the people for the people!