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How VORZ V2 Token Mechanics Works

Applied to Buying and Selling Tokens.
e.g. I buy/sell VORZ.

1) 2% of tokens are redistributed to all holders. No MATIC tax. (the percentage reflection depends on the amount of VORZ held).

2) 9% of tokens are kept by the smart contract (this is the liquidity fee).

a) 3% goes to marketing wallet.

b) 6% is the auto liquidity buy-back that hold VORZ with its auto generating mechanism for maintaining the price floor.

3) 91% of tokens goes to buy/sell.

When the swap-and-liquify is active, the smart contract sells his tokens little by little. The 2/3 of the MATIC it accumulates is stored in the smart contract. This is also being used for the buy-back for auto liquidity process, while the other 1/3 is sent to the marketing wallet.

Let's say the liquidity fee was set at 9%. The 2/3 of 9% is equal to 6%, and the 1/3 of 9% is equal to 3%.

What is the VorzShop wallet address for?
A. This is the wallet where we can connect the Vorz dApp shop soon and use the VORZ token as utility.

How Anti-Bot works?
A. The anti-bot block buy/sell that is doing fast order/swap, the interval is 3 seconds and the auto-blocking is automatic. We can still manually unblock the false positive detection.

That's how the VORZ V2 smart contract works!