VORZ Weekly Update (Updated Weekly)


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I would like to upfate the community about what's happening inside the project within a week to keep our holders and future holders updated. New post means that week update so please keep intouch with the thread.


Week I

1. Airdrop and Event ended. It will take some time to check the joiners. Please bare with it because it will be distributed according. Some airdrop takes weeks or even months to arrive.

2. Polygon Edge funding will take some time it will be the beginning of our new Polygon Liquidity. It will be big one.

3. Callisto considered Vorz on their next fund allocation. We will build with them too.

4. Vorz will be applying for the MVB V Binance incubator program to push our BDC token as well.

5. CMC and Coingecko Listing will take the next step for us to move forward with the token.

6. HODL!

That's it for now!


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Week 2

1. Inviting Manny Pacquiao inside Vorz App for NFT partnership soon?

2. Airdrop will be distributed upon checking all joiners and after our finding for Liquidity arrive for development.

3. Just applied for BOBA Network Grant!

4. Nothing much this week. That's it for now!


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September 19, 2022 Update
1. Vorz joined Gitcoin Grant to get $10,000-$15,000 for its qualified Web3 Social and Polygon round probability. (Waiting for Verification)
Screenshot_20220917-052523252 (1).jpg

Note: Vorz had passed the Web3 Social and Polygon ($10,000-$15,000) but not Main Round ($100,000)

Gitcoin Vorz Grant

2. Press Release Incoming titled "VORZ is The TikTok Killer!" this week to attract more media attention attracting newer believers.

3. Grats the Vorz will be tracked on cmc after checking it just today! Updating our old cmc tracked infos Metavorz to Vorz asap.

Screenshot_20220919-053714355 (1).jpg