VR Tourism Ophir


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As you can see this is my Denisovan homeland origin birthplace and the former 8th wonder of the World. Today it was not that shiny anymore so the idea is to build its metaverse Virtual Reality version and preserve its origin into the Blockchain to make it NFTs and Immortalized it inside a 3D Virtual Reality Space for anyone to travel and look into that 8th wonder on realistic environment.

images - 2022-03-09T160432.051.jpeg

We want to make this 3D movable space for every VR tourists around the globe. Something that we can move with inside a big realistic space using a VR set of headwear or something advance. This is just the start of such concept and soon we can preserve every tourist spots around the globe before they become extinct or gone.

I want to boost the VR tourism in every country starting in the land of Gold called Ophir aka Philippines of today. Anyone here can join the project. #VRTourism in #Metavorz
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