What is the Use of VORZ Token?


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Nice question I had seen in our twitter post.

Let me answer that here again with longer context of fundamental and use-case.

$META use-case

1. Governance
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The VORZ token is the main governance of all the Project inside the People's Metaverse idea. Veto and such comes from the community of Vorz and those big holders are being the voice to push the project.

2. Utility
$VORZ is a utility too being used as rewards & royalties for all our projects just like Vorz and it's Vorz Token staking to come soon.

3. Charity
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The token will also be able to be transcribe and used into our humanity such as catastrophe and disaster for help. We can always do donation drive via our sale that will be given to the charity with 100% chastisy use-case.

4. Staking NFTs
Soon idea about an idea to stake VORZ token and with our NFTs in an exchange collateral and more.

5. AMM Exchange Token
Soon when our Main EVM is up we will also build its AMM Exchange and use $VORZ as the main pair for all tokens listed.

6. Community Token
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The idea of Perpetual Community rise is the big hint to that name. It is about the community having their own exchanged value over something they built.