What is your reason for joining the Metaverse?


Staff member
We all had that very reason on why we are here in the first place. Mostly some are for the money and some are for the understanding of knowledge. I will be frank, I am here to earn and learn at the same time since money is the power for today, and tomorrow it will be that very knowledge we learn to free us from the old order of things.


I believe that humans should advance and for that to happen we need to unite under one banner just like the times of Babel and Nimrod lore. The metaverse is a trillion dollar industry and we might build a job in the virtual space for the mankind if robots takes the physical job for the race.

I still want to buy some prototype quantum computer to build an OS called Hex0S the Metaverse Operating System one day. And maybe experiment on the human consciousness upload to make our memory and consciousness immortal inside a Blockchain. Change the Triangle system into Hexagon Automata as fast as I can!

So that's the few of the key note on why I am here. How about you?