Will Vorz Compete With TikTok or any other short apps? The Answer is NO!


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Vorz is a web 3.0 Project

Vorz is a social network app just like any but focused on short videos like TikTok. We know that those social network giants dominated the hemisphere of web 2.0. I think a crypto-powered community might be more fun that the traditional one.

One thing about the TikTok is it has 1Billion active users as of today that it even beats google according to survey and traffic rank to be the best website in the world of internet. Here is the catch!

But Vorz ain't gonna compete with the likes of TikTok because they are surely the winner of the web 2.0. Today we will start a new day for the dawn age of Hexagon era.

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For The People Initiative
We want to emulate how OnlyFans attracted the users by increasing our creator's fund withdrawal upto 80% as we prioritized the people over the huge profit.

To make sure our project won't be dying as fast as the doomsday, we will also be relying on how the business model works for our app and server maintenance.

First of all let me ask you.

Did you see a social network app with forum yet? Yes, but rarely because they are focus into something not so for the people. A forum is the heart of a community that kept all enthusiast and supporters alike inside a discussion home and we all know that it is the idea Satoshi Nakamoto built with Bitcoin. People think some apps are spyware or something for espionage but it depends on the matter of a significant scenario.

When the Indian authorities banned TikTok because of a National Security Threat issue the TikTok clone boom arise in India. Mitron for example inspired me back in July 2020 to idealized our very own short video apps now called Vorz to prepare if that scenario occur in time.

There are short video apps out there that are treking the web 3.0 too. I can see that the Indian TikTok clone Chingari will be in Solana with 50M+ users. Now we can see them as adventurer and a competition.

Vorz doesn't need to compete in the web 2.0 because it is a default winner in the web 3.0!